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Higher Ground (poem)

The General surveyed the coming day's battlefield
Where soon many a soldier would confidently wield
His offensive weapon, his defensive shield
The General knew too, many would be killed

But all negative thought he intentionally restrained
For this very battle he and his troops had been trained
So rallying them onward he thusly explained
Freedom isn't free, it's cost is bloodstained

So valiantly they fought, they would not retreat
From fiery trial never accepting defeat
They would not allow the enemy to unseat
Them from their position, their cause, their belief

Now a question for you and me fellow Christian
Are we like these, confident in our position
With God as our General, proclaiming Christ our mission
Are we obeying the command of His great commission

Are we good soldiers marching as to war
Knowing Hell's fury for unbelievers lay in store
Are we sharing Christ's gospel, opening the door
To the way of salvation and peace forevermore

Or are we content to leave them in sin's muck and mud
Knowing that soon comes a judgemental flood
No, let us share clearly, never misunderstood
The peace of Heaven comes only through Jesus' blood

So will we be good soldiers, are we honor bound
Confidently leading others from the lost to the found
Or will we say at the trump's last resound
I have led none to God's higher ground

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