Eternal Life In Christ

A poem written by Doug Mowery

Read during the December 22, 2019

church service

This world can be distressing

Discouraging and depressing

But thank God for the blessing

Of eternal life in Christ


How do I gain this life you ask

Will you this secret for me unmask

And tell me what great task

I can do to gain this life


No, no this life you cannot earn

Listen closely and you will learn

All you can do is repent and turn

From your sinful life


But wait you say, I'm not that bad

With my life I'm pretty glad

Have I sinned, well maybe a tad

So why deny me eternal life


Well, perhaps you've done great things

Own vast lands or tall buildings

But none of that brings

Eternal life in Christ


Nor can you lay a claim

Relying on your family name

Rich or poor are all the same

Before Jesus Christ


Or perhaps your viewpoint liberal

You think the Bible not literal

That all of us in general

Will have a happy afterlife


I'll admit, humanly that sounds terrific

Though Scripture deems it's quite horrific

For the Bible is very specific

Who will inherit eternal life


And if I didn't care

I'd leave you all tangled there

Ever caught in Satan's snare

Not knowing of Jesus Christ


But in your life I do care

So right now I will dare

The truth with you to share

Regarding Jesus Christ


So from speaking now restrain

Give me two minutes and I can explain

The only way you can attain

Eternal life in Christ


First of all God is One

Yet manifest in Father, Holy Spirit, Son

Known as the triune three in one

Existing before there was time


Then before time as we know it began

This triune God had a plan

One would have to become a man

God the Son would be the Christ


Then Jesus in His divinity

Second person of the Trinity

Became part of humanity

To enlighten us with His life


He came via a virgin birth

A love gift of immeasurable worth

Yet He lived humbly on this earth

In a body like yours and mine


As a man He sought not laud

And even though fully God

As fully man He walked this sod

Amidst the chaos and strife


From this world's trouble He was not exempted

He resisted Satan's wiles attempted

Like you and me He too was tempted

Yet He led a sinless life


And in all of His perfection

He endured mankind's rejection

Knowing His ultimate direction

Was to sacrifice His life


For God demanded a sacrifice

For redemption from sin and all it's vice

Only Jesus' blood could pay the price

To lead us from death to life


For this reason Jesus went to the cross

His life He didn't just away toss

No, great promise was in this loss

The promise of eternal life


You may think all this just a story

That One would leave heaven's glory

Become a man and die the gory

way in which Christ died


But His sacrifice God accepted

His atonement for sin God respected

Then from the grave Jesus resurrected

Risen from death to life


God's ways are sometimes hard to perceive

But in what Jesus did we must believe

Then by grace through faith in Him we will receive

Eternal life in Christ


So trust not your own leaning

Read the Bible, learn it's meaning

Study hard, ever gleaning

The truth about Jesus Christ


And now I would be remiss

If I didn't tell you this

You and I have a nemesis

Who tells nothing but lies


And this selfish, evil nemesis

Introduced back in 3 Genesis

His name Lucifer, his only wish

To be like the Most High


Now known as Satan, the father of lies

The truth seeks always to disguise

So you will not recognize

The truth about Jesus Christ


He seeks only to destroy

Deceit and trickery he employs

To try to rob you of the joy

Of eternal life in Christ


For his mind is definitely twisted

God's sovereignty he has resisted

He spends his entire existence

as enemy of the Christ


And he wants you to do the same

Choose his side in this evil game

So you will never name the name

Of the Savior Jesus Christ


For he knows his end a fiery lake

Wants you with him his misery to partake

So flee from him for your everlasting sake

And don't believe his lies


 One of those lies is life has no reason

Our only purpose here is just pleasin'

Ourselves for a short season

Eat, drink, be merry and then die


If that's so, why are we here

To live awhile and then disappear

No real purpose, just shear

Meaningless to life


I for one believe in God's creation

Our purpose here, His exaltation

Abundant life to come the consummation

Of true faith in Christ


That brings us to the lie of evolution

Using "intelligent" people with great elocution

Presenting as fact their solution

On the origins of life


But do you really think you evolved from a fish

Before that like goo in a petri dish

Why would anyone even wish

That be the origin of their life


Intelligence should tell you we were designed

By Someone with a great and powerful mind

Search the scriptures and you will find

His name is Jesus Christ


All things were created by Him, for Him and through Him

Therefore all praise, honor and glory are due Him

Soon every knee will bow down to Him

Accept Him while there's still time


For you must accept Him while still extant you

Cannot wait until they plant you

Six feet below, then God will not grant you

A choice when from this life you die


And after this life you will live somewhere forever

When your cords to this earth sever

Where will you spend your everafter

In Heaven's peace or hell's strife


But if in Jesus you will believe

His humanity and His deity

Then you too can receive

Eternal life in Christ


So tell me now, what will you do

Is the Holy Spirit convicting you

Of unbelief, it's up to you

Accept or reject Christ


But if you reject God's gift of love

The Son come down from up above

You will my friend die absent of

Eternal life in Christ